Available Finishes

Venetian and Shimmering Plasters 

Venetian Plasters and Shimmering Plasters are certainly the top end and hottest looks available on the market. These extraordinary handtoweled finishes are layered for depth and movement making them visually interesting and captivating. Traditionally, plasters have best results when applied over smooth walls, however I have some effective methods of handling plasters on textured walls with beautiful results. Shimmering Plasters including Lusterstone and Shimmerstone add stunning luminescence and are the next step up from traditional matte and polished plasters.

Bedroom with Plaster Finish

Cabinets and Furnishings

Many clients prefer to upgrade their current homes by enhancing the look of existing cabinetry and furnishings. With paint, my repertoire of techniques and a good “bone structure” I can totally transform the look of existing cabinets and furniture into new and contemporary creations. Good oak cabinets can become great!

Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Moldings and More

Decorative treatments are no longer just for the walls! Trends are moving toward altering existing wood trims like moldings, baseboards, stair handrails, doors, and ceiling medallions. Adding or embellishing these structures provide high visual impact without overwhelming the eye or the wallet.

Stairway with Columns

Fireplaces and Hoods

Another popular approach to updating is using paint or plasters to enhance the look of your fireplace, hood, or alcove/niche. Highlighting a particular room feature is a sharp and cost effective means of adding interest and beauty.


Murals and Youth Projects

Murals are a wonderful way to add style and personality to your space. Children’s themes are still very popular, however, murals have appeal in grown up tastes too. I personally love creating a uniquely original artwork to meet a particular need.


Faux Finish

Faux Finish is a broad description of any paint and/or glaze related treatments designed to change the atmosphere of a room. Faux finishes can transform a space cost effectively.

Living Room

Color Consultations

I make a point of keeping up to date and knowledgeable about the offerings of major paint manufacturers and decorating trends. In addition to helping you select a faux or decorative finish, I offer clients advice in selecting paint colors as well.